Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Seven: Dares

     "Hey Destiny, wait up!"
     Destiny turned around and waited as Silas ran towards her in the hall.
     " Destiny, Jimmy Grace has been boasting about his dad's gun, and someone dared him to bring it to school next week. This doesn't have anything to do with you, does it?" He asked with concern.
     Destiny raised her eyebrows. " What? No! I didn't even know he had a gun! He... I- wait a minute.... why did you even think it was me?"
     Silas furrowed his brow. "Come on, Destiny, don't play stupid. You know why I thought it was you- I mean, if it wasn't, it wasn't, and great, but-"
     "Silas, this is ridiculous. Why don't we just pretend you never brought it up."
     " Destiny, you and I both know it's not as ridiculous as it should be. You aren't even listening to yourself!"
     Destiny got angry. " Silas, shut up! You and Aidan are the ones who read my star, even though I specifically told you not to. You know what it said, and you're extrapolating. I never said anything about- I wouldn't do anything like- Argh! I'm leaving."
     "Destiny, don't!" Silas cried, but she was already striding briskly away. He tried to follow her, but the halls were filling up with kids trying to get to their next class. " Destiny!" He called desperately. "You promised not to do anything stupid! Remember your promise!"
     Someone set a hand on his shoulder, and he turned around. It was Stephanie.
     "Don't worry, Silas. She'll remember. Destiny never forgets anything. I should know...." She added in a soft voice.
      " Yeah, she won't forget, but she's still going to do something stupid!" Jennifer cackled, walking up to them. "It's in her nature!"
     " You're one to talk, Jennifer. " Silas growled. "Watch what you say. It may come back to bite you someday."
     " Oh, I doubt it, Silas. I seriously doubt it." She replied with a smug smile.
      Silas glared at her, and swung his backpack over his shoulder in a way that almost hit Jennifer, except that she dove out of the way. "Jennifer, I feel sorry for you." He said without looking at her. And he strode away, leaving Jennifer standing in the hall, completely shocked.
        She turned to Stephanie. " What's he mean, that he feels sorry for me? What does he have to feel sorry for?" She asked her sister.
     Stephanie shook her head. "The fact that you don't know, Jenny, only proves his point."

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