Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Seven: Dares

     "Hey Destiny, wait up!"
     Destiny turned around and waited as Silas ran towards her in the hall.
     " Destiny, Jimmy Grace has been boasting about his dad's gun, and someone dared him to bring it to school next week. This doesn't have anything to do with you, does it?" He asked with concern.
     Destiny raised her eyebrows. " What? No! I didn't even know he had a gun! He... I- wait a minute.... why did you even think it was me?"
     Silas furrowed his brow. "Come on, Destiny, don't play stupid. You know why I thought it was you- I mean, if it wasn't, it wasn't, and great, but-"
     "Silas, this is ridiculous. Why don't we just pretend you never brought it up."
     " Destiny, you and I both know it's not as ridiculous as it should be. You aren't even listening to yourself!"
     Destiny got angry. " Silas, shut up! You and Aidan are the ones who read my star, even though I specifically told you not to. You know what it said, and you're extrapolating. I never said anything about- I wouldn't do anything like- Argh! I'm leaving."
     "Destiny, don't!" Silas cried, but she was already striding briskly away. He tried to follow her, but the halls were filling up with kids trying to get to their next class. " Destiny!" He called desperately. "You promised not to do anything stupid! Remember your promise!"
     Someone set a hand on his shoulder, and he turned around. It was Stephanie.
     "Don't worry, Silas. She'll remember. Destiny never forgets anything. I should know...." She added in a soft voice.
      " Yeah, she won't forget, but she's still going to do something stupid!" Jennifer cackled, walking up to them. "It's in her nature!"
     " You're one to talk, Jennifer. " Silas growled. "Watch what you say. It may come back to bite you someday."
     " Oh, I doubt it, Silas. I seriously doubt it." She replied with a smug smile.
      Silas glared at her, and swung his backpack over his shoulder in a way that almost hit Jennifer, except that she dove out of the way. "Jennifer, I feel sorry for you." He said without looking at her. And he strode away, leaving Jennifer standing in the hall, completely shocked.
        She turned to Stephanie. " What's he mean, that he feels sorry for me? What does he have to feel sorry for?" She asked her sister.
     Stephanie shook her head. "The fact that you don't know, Jenny, only proves his point."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chapter Six: Stupid

     " Hey, Eeyore! You're fans are getting antsy for more stories. Oh, and I've heard that some of them want autographs. You got anything like that?" Jennifer asked sarcastically. Destiny just ignored her this time. At first she'd been a real pain, but it had almost been made up for by the positive attention. Now Destiny just wanted to be left alone; but Jennifer followed her.
     " Hey, what's a matter, Eeyore? Surely you have an opinion about what they should see next; surely you're nice enough not to deny you're fans' request!"
      Aidan stepped between Jennifer and Destiny. "Enough, Jennifer." He growled. Destiny looked up at them and blinked. This was odd. Apparently Jennifer was surprised, too.
     "Or... or what...?"
     "Or I might have to share the baby pictures your mom posted on facebook. Come on, Destiny." He added, looping his arm through hers." There's someone who needs to see you."
     " Thanks..." She mumbled. Aidan led her to the cafeteria.
    "Over there." He said with a half smile, pushing her towards a table. "Good luck."
    Good luck...? Destiny thought. But then she saw who was sitting at that table; Tibby and Silas. She squealed and ran over to them unabashedly.  Silas has his arms around her, and Tibby was laughing, before any of them could stop to think about it.
     "Darn you, where've you been!" She got out through teary eyes when they finally let go of each other.
     " I don't know... I thought you were missing." He said with a weak smile.
     "What do you mean?" Destiny asked, puzzled.
     " I mean... Destiny," He said, quickly changing the subject. " Destiny, Aidan showed me your star."
      What!" She jumped up, astonished and somewhat angry.
     " No, wait, Destiny, I can explain-"
     "You better!" she shouted.
     Silas cringed, and Tibby put her finger to her lips.
    " Destiny, everyone in the cafeteria can hear you, and they're staring."
    "I'm sorry, Silas." she mumbled, but she wasn't completely. She just wished she hadn't attracted more attention to herself.
     "Destiny... you said you wanted to prove someone wrong... Who did you prove wrong?"
    Destiny hesitated, then shrugged. "I don't know... maybe myself. Maybe you. Maybe Aidan. I just know I did it. If I hadn't... If I didn't...."
     " I read that, too, Destiny. I read you had no one left to prove wrong, and... Destiny, please prove me wrong- just this once?"
      "I... well, I can't promise anything...."
      " Please. Please- promise me you won't do anything stupid."
      Destiny laughed harshly. " Stupid? What classifies as stupid?"
     Silas gave her a stern look, and Tabitha grabbed her in a hug, overwhelmed with tears. " Just take care of yourself, Destiny." She whispered.
     Destiny stiffened up, then relaxed, and nodded.
    " Fine. I won't... I won't do anything 'stupid.' Now let's eat. I'm starving."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chapter Five: Misunderstanding

     " I hear your boyfriend came to see you yesterday. " Jennifer sneered.
     " Boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend. Who told you that?" Destiny asked.
      " Come on, Eeyore, don't be stupid. You know what I mean. Anyway, you know parents talk."
     "Jennifer, you read the book yourself. I didn't say he was my boyfriend."
     "You said you admired him."
      "That's different."
      " Doesn't sound too different to me."
      Destiny opened her mouth to protest, but the bell rang. Jennifer spun around and started skipping down the hall.
     " See you later, Eeyore. Can't wait to hear how our newest 'post' has turned out." She snickered, and Destiny clenched her fist.
      " He's not my boyfriend! " she shouted down the hall, and several people turned to stare at her. She blushed. "He isn't. " She mumbled to herself, heaving her book bag onto her shoulder.
     Destiny almost got sent to the principal's office. She was so distracted during class she kept doodling on her arms instead of taking notes. The teacher saw it, and was not amused. By lunch time, she was so thoroughly embarrassed that she purposely picked a table in an empty corner to eat. Tibby did not come to sit with her; but Aidan did.
      "Hey," he said, setting down his tray. Destiny jumped.
     "Oh! Oh...Oh, it's you. You're not my boyfriend." She mumbled. Aidan stared at her quizzically.
     "Yeah? Tibby and and Silas will be relieved. Come on, don't look at me like that. Who's been bugging you?"
    " Jennifer," she admitted. " She got a hold of my diary, and now everyone thinks...."
    Aidan nodded. " I know. I saw them too. Remember."
  " Don't get me wrong, I do admire you. Greatly. I mean, no one used to really talk to me, but you're not talking to me was different. It was like...." She stopped short, seemingly very interested in her 'potatoes.' Aidan laughed.
     "Thanks. That's almost exactly what you wrote."
     Destiny nodded. Silence. Then,
     "Who was Lucky?"
     Destiny didn't answer for awhile. Then she took a deep breath, and,
     "He was.... he was my brother. He died a month after his third Birthday. Him, and my two little sisters. And my mom. It was a car accident... Someone... wasn't watching or... I don't know. Nobody else knows, really. Three years later dad remarried, and two years after that we moved here. He was a... a special little boy. He called me..."
      " Princess Charming."
      Destiny nodded, then brushed her sleeve across her face. " Cold." She explained. Aidan did not argue, he just nodded.
       " The bell will probably ring soon." He reminded her. She nodded. Silence.
      " I'm really glad to know a girl who can be just my friend."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter Four: Aidan

     Destiny was under her bed when the doorbell ring. She wasn't crying- she never cried- she was cleaning. That's just what she did when she was mad.
     "Destiny! It's for you!" Her dad shouted. She tried to sit up and hit her head on the bed.
     For me? She thought. It's never for me! Who-? She didn't want to finish the thought.
     "Um... coming?" she sputtered, crawling out from under the bed. She couldn't really breath under there; it was too dusty. She shoved the paper star she'd found under her bed into her pocket, and raced down the stairs two at a time.
     "Ye-?" She stopped. Aidan was standing in the doorway. "Oh... I...." He smiled at her, a... strange smile. She wasn't sure if it was nervous, or smirking, or friendly. It was one of those odd, angled smiles, that pulls your mouth all to one side.
     " Hey, can I come in?"
    "Oh, right. " She said, stepping back, and he came in, inspecting the living room.
    "Huh." He said. " Hey, I wanted to talk to you... I mean, I read something the other day...." He stopped, and peered into the other room.
     "Oh. Right. Um... come upstairs..."
     She felt sick. She knew just what he'd read. She didn't want to talk about it, but she knew she had to now, and she didn't want anyone else to hear. Aidan stopped in her doorway and looked at the wall.
     "What are all those paper.. things?"
     Destiny turned around and looked.
    "Oh, those? They're... Wishing Stars. Sort of a family tradition. " She remembered the one in her pocket, and took it out and looked at it. " My Oma said that, if you wrote a wish on a piece of paper, and folded it to look like a star, the wish would come true. Then, if you gave it to someone else, and they didn't read it, their wish would come true, too. But if they read it, than you'd both have bad luck for the next ten years..."
    "Well, that's the story anyway....Sometimes I make them with pages from my diary, but it...well, you know."
    "But you didn't give that to them." He said matter of factly.
    Destiny shrugged.
      "So... if you're supposed to give them to someone when the wish comes true, why do you have so many?"
     Destiny jumped to her feet.
     "Are you hungry? I'm hungry. Let's go to the kitchen."
     "Destiny, why do you have so many?"
     Destiny stared at her toes and didn't answer. Aidan nodded slowly.
     "Right... Can I have one, Destiny?"
     Destiny looked at her and bit her lip. Then she walked to her pin board and searched carefully.
    "I have pictures on the back, so I can remember them without other people understanding them." She explained. He nodded. Destiny came up to him with a purple one.
     "Here... I think this one maybe..."
     He took it, and slowly started to unfold it.
     "Aidan, don-"
     He looked at her.
    " Luck doesn't exist, Destiny."
    Destiny stared at him with big frightened eyes, so he shrugged and put it in his pocket. They sat there a moment, not talking.
     " Destiny...." Aidan started uncomfortably after awhile.
      "I don't want to talk about it." She snapped stiffly, standing up. Aidan nodded, and got up to.
     " I understand. I have to go."
     Destiny nodded, and opened the door for him.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chapter Three:Lockers

     Destiny was puzzled. Normally, everyone at school would ignore her, except Jennifer <who made her life miserable> and Silas and Tibby <who made her life worth bearing.> But today, everyone who wasn't glaring at her was her biggest friend.The only one ignoring her was Tibby! She tried asking Tibby what was going on, but she kept avoiding her. When she saw Tibby's face in the cafeteria, it looked like she'd been crying. Silas wasn't even there!
     Maybe something happened to Silas, Destiny thought, and she's mad at me for not being here.... but that didn't make any sense... Why was everyone else acting strange, too... and that didn't really seem like Tibby. Destiny kept thinking about this, and the teachers lost their tempers with her more than once for drawing flowers and rabbits and sad faces on her hands when she should have been paying attention. Then she opened her locker.
     "What the blue grass and green skies!" She cried. There was her journal, sitting in the top of her locker, with a note on it.

     "Beware the-" Suddenly a horrible thought seized her. Her journal! It shouldn't have been in her locker! She'd left it on the coffee table... Someone snickered behind her, and she spun around.
     " What's the matter, Eeyore? Read something to upset you?"
     "You-you-you... what about me, Eeyore? Donkey got your tongue?" Jennifer's friends laughed hysterically, as if that was the funniest thing they'd ever heard. Stephanie laughed uneasily behind her older sister.
     "What did you do, Jennifer?"
     "What did I do? Why, Eeyore, I'm surprised at you! Laying the guilt with out any proof? Stephy's the one who read your stupid journal."
     "Me!" squealed Stephanie. She ran off and hid in the girls' restroom. Jennifer barely gave her a glance.
     " All I did was photocopy it and slip an entry or two in the other lockers. What shall we tell them next, Eeyore? Hmm? Who are Lucky and Grace and Darling? We'd all like to know! Oh, " She said, sweeping away gracefully, " and don't be surprised if Aidan pays you a visit tomorrow. He found your diary entry about himself especially amusing." Destiny gaped speechlessly at the thing that had read her diary and was now striding so casually away, as if nothing had happened. She gritted her teeth, and started to storm after he, but the bell chose just that moment to ring.

Chapter Two:Sisters

     "What are you reading?" Jennifer asked, kicking her sister's leg off the couch. Stephanie glared at her. then shrugged, and threw the book at her sister.
     "I don't know. Some stupid book I found about somebody named Eeyore.It looks like the Bigley girl was writing it. She's not very good, is she?"
     "Eeyore?" Jennifer snapped, snatching the book up. "Did you say Eeyore?"
     "Um...yeah? Why?" Her sister asked, puzzled. Jennifer grinned.
     " Do you know who Eeyore is, Steph?"
     "Ummmm... a donkey from some kids' show? But what's that got to do with...."
     "No, you doofus, Eeyore is the Bigley girl!"
     " Oh?Oh....oh! " Stephanie stared at her sister. "Really? Why's she called Eeyore? " Her sister ignored her.
     "Hey, listen to this:

Dear Diary,
Lucky and I were playing dolls today. He always wants to play the same thing: CinderAllan and Princess Charming. He's the sweetest thing since sugar. What shall I give him for his Birthday? Something very special... but all he says he wants is a princess that looks just like me!
Christus Pax,
Eeyore Charming"

     Jennifer snorted. "Who do you suppose Lucky is? Her imaginary friend? She can't have any real ones. Wait, here's something more about him..."
     "What's it say?"
     " That's funny- it's just a date. Lucky Bigley, from February 1996-March 1999. Maybe that's when she finally stopped hallucinating. " Stephanie started to squirm.
     " Jenny, maybe we shouldn't be reading this-" She said, reaching for the little book. Jennifer snapped it closed and held it out of her sister's reach.
     "Are you kidding? This is the opportunity of a life time! To ruin her life time that is. I wonder if she had any other imaginary friends..." Jennifer pondered, walking away, reading the little book. 
     "Jenny, I really don't think-"
     "Just you wait! It'll be worth it!" Here sister flung back. "It'll be wroth it." And she cackled.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chapter One: Eeyore

     Destiny was her name, but everyone called her Eeyore. She never corrected them. She used to, but that was a different time, and different people. Now Destiny just looked at her feet, and hid under big hats, and pretended not to hear or care.
     About this time she started a journal- her first mistake.It was a journal about her, her nickname, the people who gave it to her, how she felt about them... a journal like most girls' journals; a journal to write down the things she knew she ought to tell someone, someday but she was just to anxious to share them yet. That's why keeping a journal can be a very dangerous thing, and most girls hide them with their very lives.
     Now, that sounds very normal. Usually people don't write about very normal things. they just write about gushy mushy broken vampire hearts. But you see, what happened to Destiny's journal wasn't normal, because Destiny's journal leaked out- to her name calling classmates. It happened when she left it home during a two month vacation, and her family asked the Dowleys to "House Sit." That was her second mistake- because Jennifer Dowley was the one who started the name calling. And Stephanie Dowley liked to read...